Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No progress, feeling stuck

Since my last check-in, I haven't made any dissertation progress.  Another week slips by and nothing to show for it.  I didn't even spend time thinking about my question, or my model...nothing. 

I'm feeling pretty stuck at the moment. I know I need to dig in and get going on this (I want to graduate! I want to graduate!) but every time the thought enters my head to sit down and work, I come up with something better to do (like work in the basement, which as you could tell from my last post isn't nothing!).

I have a meeting next week on Wednesday with Leigh when I need to present to her my revised question using the 2010 data and my revised analysis model.  So I'd better get going!  Looking at my calendar, I have time tomorrow, Saturday during the day, and Monday during the day.  Hopefully by my check-in next week, I'll have much more to show for myself.

(Tell you all what, though, having to check-in today and tell the world that I haven't made any progress is motivating me to get my act together!  This week may have gone by without my working, but now by checking-in about that lack of progress I'm held accountable.  Slowly, slowly I'll change my habits!)

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  1. My apartment was never cleaner than when I was supposed to be writing my dissertation. :)

    I hope that the accountability continues to help you. I am in an academic writing group in addition to ROW80, and I find it helpful.

    Habits take a long time to change. Kait Nolan, our fearless leader, had a great post at the beginning of this Round about tying one habit to another--try to hang writing a bit off something you already do. I'm going to give it a try.