Friday, January 28, 2011

Making Room

Here we go!

We're officially off on our blogging adventure.  We hope this blog is an honest reflection of our happy life together--reflections of our home and all the projects we undertake to make it our own, of our pups and all the happiness and energy they bring to our family, and of our selves and all the joys and challenges of marrying your best friend.  

Since we moved in almost a year ago, we find that we're constantly making room in our home.  We bought a 1,200 square foot Cape Cod that was built in 1947.  The smaller rooms and classic floor plan don't always mesh with our furniture or design dreams, but we're having so much fun making it all work for us (eventually!).  From finding storage solutions (like keeping our bigger appliances in a hall closet) to building pieces that perfectly fit our space (like our plans to build a farmhouse kitchen table and bench in the tiny eat-in kitchen), we're open to anything that helps us use our space more efficiently and more elegantly.  

Philosophically speaking (I think it's safe to predict that mine will be the more philosophical posts and Alex's will be the more practical- we'll see...) I like to think about us making room in our home for much more than just furniture.  We're trying to get rid of negativity and meanness and discouragement and we're making room for joy and gratitude and fun.  As my Mamma always says, we're trying to be mindful of the needs of others and love each other every day.  I think it's worthwhile to make room in our lives for graciousness, for peace. 

So, we're looking forward to sharing all of that with you. We hope you join us for the journey ahead!



  1. This is great, I love it! Something that would be cool (this is definitely biased) would be a picture of the bathroom with my "gallery" in it since I haven't been able to see it yet.

  2. That's a great idea! Maybe your gallery will be our first house-project post. If I could only figure out how to take better pictures with that fancy camera of mine... stay tuned!