Monday, January 28, 2013

Progress in the Laundry Room!

We've made some good progress in the basement this week/weekend--the new guest room floor has been sealed, leveled with leveling cement, and one coat of trim paint on the baseboards.  Now we're just waiting for the new concrete to fully set before the engineered hardwood goes down (hopefully next weekend's project) and we picked out a really cool tile option for the backdoor landing that I can't wait to share with you.  Plus, the old carpet was pulled up on the stairs, all the tacks removed, and the baseboards along the stairway painted twice.  I actually walked down the inside stairs this morning, instead of our outside stairs like we've been doing since November. Amazing!  And as for the laundry room...look!

view from the hallway (the openings on the left go into the utility closet)
view from the middle of the room (the hallway door is to the left of the washer)
It may not look like much, but this room has come a long way.  All the exterior walls were demoed, then cleaned, then insulated, then new drywall, then all the drywall work on the seams and corners, then all the exposed rafters/duct work/wiring in the ceiling were cleaned and vacuumed, then two coats of primer, then 2 coats of paint...and now, just this weekend, Alex has stained the floor with two coats of concrete paint.  We love how the rich chocolate brown color ties in the butcher block counter and the wood cabinets above the laundry area.  And then this time we also decided to seal the floor with a high gloss concrete sealer (you can see the nice sheen in the first picture).  This protective coating (2 coats of it!) will keep the floor from getting banged up over time.  We need it to dry for the rest of the day (I shouldn't have walked on it to take these pictures) and then tonight while Alex is in class I'm going to move the shelves back in and fill them up with all the things we've been storing in our upstairs spare room (and the future dining room-- you can't imagine how excited I am to get working on that space!).  I'll definitely take lots of in-progress pictures tonight of the laundry room and maybe even post again!

Things are really, really coming together!


  1. looking good there:) I agree about the brown floor - did you all the work yourselves? if so dead impressed - all the best:)

    1. Thanks!! Yep, we do all the work ourselves--with some help from family and friends, of course!